WALLPAPER, a narrative game by Andy Campbell and Judi Alston (One to One Development Trust’s Dreaming Methods) went through a number of experimental visual phases before emerging the way it looks now. We thought it might be interesting to share these phases!

The original colour schemes were warmer and the environment details such as fog and sunlight more emphasized. In one version it was raining and thundering when our main character PJ Sanders arrived at his old family property. We had to change and adapt the environment for performance reasons as well as to keep consistency with the story line, as you can see from the following screenshots. (Press to enlarge imagery).

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wallpaper_b   wallpaper_c

wallpaper5   wallpaper8

bedroom   room

lighting-1   lighting-2

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Dalton Manor was built using ProBuilder, an extension for Unity 5. Before the walls were textured, it looked somewhat like the Holodeck from Star Trek. (Click to enlarge images.)

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7   8

Artwork created out of notes/sketches during the development of the project. (Press to enlarge.)

1   1A

Screen shots from WALLPAPER being created in the Unity 5 editor. (Press to enlarge.)

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