* virtual box only. but you knew that, right? 🙂

USA-based computer engineer and innovator PJ Sanders returns to his remote family home in the UK following the death of his elderly mother. His agenda: to close the place down and sell it. But not before he employs an experimental device he’s been working on, primed to help him uncover the history behind one particular room in the house – a room that has remained locked since his childhood.

Recommended spec requirements: 64-bit PC desktop or laptop running a dedicated graphics card, 8GB RAM and speakers or headphones.

WALLPAPER is currently touring as both a large-scale projection piece and a Virtual Reality demo for the Oculus Rift. If you would like a free copy for PC, to show the work at your venue, or to use it in a digital storytelling class or workshop, please contact us on Twitter @dreamingmethods

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For more information about Dreaming Methods visit www.dreamingmethods.com


“Tremendous experience – love the atmosphere
of the visuals, storytelling and sound.”
– Ian Deon

“Held my breath through most of it…
Beautiful design and incredibly immersive.”
– Jessica Nonedge

“Beautiful and disorientating. Very detailed, loved
the sound and the mystery.”
– Stephen Elliot

“Visually stunning with an evocative soundtrack.” – Chris Joseph

“Intricately beautiful.” – Mez Breeze

“Intuitive and naturally intriguing, great that you aren’t just sat
consuming the story but actually uncovering it.”
– Tony Shephard